2018 PRSD Bus Safety Poster Contest Winners |

2018 PRSD Bus Safety Poster Contest Winners


Congratulations to all Prairie Rose SD bus poster safety contest winners. Great job with promoting safe and bully-free spaces on the school bus. Good luck to all the PRSD students in the provincial competition.

1st place: Nicole Waldner / Jenner School
2nd place: Jade Howe / Jenner School
3rd place: Nicole Jacques / Jenner School

Grade 1
1st place: Quade Tye / New Brigden School
2nd place: Alaina Hagens / New Brigden School
3rd place: Nancy Lowen / RMAP School

Grade 2
1st place: David Wall / RMAP School
2nd place: Zakery Hansen / Seven Persons School
3rd place: Kate Murray / Seven Persons School

Grade 3
1st place: Sara Fehr /  New Brigden School
2nd place: Sophie Hanna / Seven Persons School
3rd place : Maddy Ziegenhagel / Seven Persons School

Grade 4
1st place: Jersey Girletz / Oyen Public School
2nd place: David Huang / Oyen Public School
3rd place: Adina Wall / RMAP School

Grade 5                     
1st place: Rayna Gruninger / Senator Gershaw School
2nd place: Charlie Funk / Irvine School  
3rd place: Jason Fehr / New Brigden School

Grade 6
1st place: Tina Fiesen / RMAP School
2nd place: Adriaan Bouwe / Warren Peers School
3rd place: Justina Friessen / RMAP School