Student Illness and Fee Reimbursement |

Student Illness and Fee Reimbursement

To adhere with public health restrictions, any student who is sick or showing signs of illness is not allowed to come to school.  We recognize this zero-sickness policy is challenging for families, especially those with young ones who require childcare services.  As a parent of a full-time kindergarten student, we also acknowledge that you are paying a monthly fee to gain access to all-day educational services.  For these reasons, Prairie Rose has decided to extend the fee compensation policy for full-day kindergarten parents until the end of the current school year.  

As a reminder, Prairie Rose will offer a credit of $13.50 per day to full-time kindergarten families if your child is away sick for three (3) or more consecutive days of school. This credit will be calculated by the school and applied to your next month’s full-time kindergarten fee payment or refunded if you’ve pre-paid the full year or are paying in installments.

Again, we’d like to thank our parents for their understanding as we navigate the challenges of the pandemic. We hope this change to our fee structure will provide some assistance. Please contact your local school if you have any questions.